Your Ultimate Anti Aging Timeline

Anti Aging Timeline

How to avoid of aging skin and taking care at any age (age 20-25, age 25-35, age 35-45, age 45 ++):

  • Wear Sunscreen “Religiously, like it’s your job”
    It’s the first way to prevent wrinkles, brown spots, and other signs of aging and cancer.
  • Invest in your skin care
    It’s worth dropping a few dollars on nicer, more “elegant”products if it means caring for your largest organ and preventing wrinkles in the long run. A saving tip? Spend more money on your moisturizer than your cleanser since the latter will literally go down the drain.
  • Exercise, eat well, and sleep
    Healthy habits like these keep your blood flowing, and everything else running smoothly-which manifests itself in the clearest complexion possible.
  • Remember genetics!
    Unfortunately, you can’t control anything. Dermatologist say it would guess genetics play a 50/50 role in aging. Just take the measures you can, and embrace everything else.

The Age Timeline

  • Age 20 – 25 / Focus : Hydration
    • Drink a lot of water (as we age, our skins begin to hold less moisture)
    • Use moisturizer (it helps directly hydrate the skin and hold in moisture)
    • Choose a gentle cleanser (choose the ingredients to avoid stripping the skin of the oils it needs to stay balanced and moist)
    • Begin to moderate acne products (skin is starting to transition from acne-prone to more dry, and acid-based, blemish-fighting products cab be drying)
  • Age 25 – 35 / Focus : Prevention
    • Begin using products with Retinol (retinol and retin-A are derived from the vitamin A complex, and are great tools for acne-fighting and anti-aging)
    • Get gentle peels as regularly as possible (they moisturise, rejuvenate, and leave skin more susceptible to absorbing medicine and nutrients)
    • Focus on anti-Inflammatories (when picking moisturizers and toners, look for ingredients like Vit. A, Vit. C, and other brightening ingredients to minimize pores & redness, and balance your skin tone)
    • Consider botox (should you optional for the treatment, this is the best time. It relaxes the muscles that form wrinkles before they’ve even had a chance to form, acting as preventative measure rather than a belated fix)
    • Form your own skin team (specifically, a great dermatologist and aesthetician. As you age, you’ll have professional who know you and your skin)
    • Continue to moisturize (as you get older, choose “thicker”moisturizer that is, cream-based products over lotion-based and higher concentration of skin-protecting ingredients)
  • Age 35 – 45 / Focus : Action
    • Amp up your moisturizer again (look for an even higher concentration of Vit. A and C. start to fight any pigmentation)
    • Consider Filler (if so inclined, like Botox, it’s best to try this earlier than later – especially since filler work by absorbing water)
    • Consider gentle Lasers (now is the time to tackle those fine lines that weren’t there before, but wait a few years to really try out the big guns. Talk to your Dermatologist/Aesthetician about the gentle laser options available)
    • Consider Threadlift (it can restore youthful appearance, uplift your sagging skin without any side effects. And it is absolutely safe)
  • Age 45 and on / Focus : Maintenance
    • Keep your old skin regime going (remember to add to your routine as you age, not replace. And continue to look for products with more nutrients and anti-aging ingredients)
    • Consider more intense Lasers (fractional laser target deeper wrinkles)
    • Use Botox, Filler, and Threadlift with moderation (going to heavy on these treatments with results in that tell-tale, unnatural look now that wrinkles have already formed)