Detox & Longevity

All your stress and all your worries can wreak havoc with your body emotionally and physically. What you need is a little R&R and a Detox treatment. Our medical staff will develop a personalized program and successfully guide you in your Detox process. The package includes Colonics Hydrotherapy, detoxification treatments, plus spa and massage treatments with a relaxing stay in our luxury hotel. This will assist you in removing toxins and waste products that could potentially harm your tissues and organs in the body as well as help you live a healthy lifestyle.

At VIETURA we understand the important connection between aesthetic procedures, integrative medicine and lifestyle coaching. With our Longevity Program, we’ll show you how to live the best possible life you can live, while looking good in the process. It’s holistic balance at its best.

Remove bacterial toxins, increase good immunity and cleanse your digestive system. This therapy effectively removes harmful toxins from the body and gently cleanses the colon by flushing the large intestines with warm filtered water – no use of any chemicals or drugs. Unlike regular oral laxatives and enemas done manually, we offer you a treatment that results in maximum cleansing and greater therapeutic benefits. Hydro Colonics will both cleanse your body and relieve you from stress. VIETURA colonic hydrotherapy offers a unique, comfortable and private style of this therapy.

Did you know that when ingested orally, as little as 30% of vitamins is are absorbed? IV nutrition offers direct vitamin administration to your body offering instant benefit through energy and wellness. Perfect after a busy, tiring period or when you need an extra boost. Follow our protocol based detoxification plan to increase vitality and energy, or try individual treatments with your next visit to VIETURA. Itn doesn’t take long but makes a big impact on your energy and vitality levels.

• Wellness consultation
• Lifestyle coaching
• Nutrition coaching
• Iv nutrition
• Iv Glutathione and Vitamin C
• Colonic treatment
• Detox drinks & juice menus
• Overnight stay at Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua to recharge and relax
• So Fit consultation.

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