Special Hours (11 am -3 pm)

  • 50% discount on Facial Skin Spa, Diamond Peel, and Oxygen Infusion Facial treatments. This non-surgical treatments will make your face radious and smoother than ever.
  • 50% discount on Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) A 1.5 hour face treatment to ease the years by going right to the cellular level to stimulate the body’s own healing processes to smooth wrinkled and aged skin. From IDR 2.750.000 net to IDR 1.375.000 net.
  • 15% discount on Botox treatment. A 10 min treatment to smooth wrinkles and fine lines on your forehead , crows feet and marionette lines with micro-injections of Botolunium Toxin A, a natural, purified protein that reduces muscle contraction to give you a more relaxed younger look. From IDR IDR 110.000 net/ unit to IDR 93.500 net/unit.

These offers are available daily from 11am to 3pm until November 30th 2017.